[Manuel Bromberg]
Manuel Bromberg
Manuel Bromberg was born in Centerville, Iowa. After studying at The Cleveland School of Art and The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, he painted murals for the Works Progress Administration. He entered the Army in April 1942 and was appointed to the War Artists Unit a year later. He painted, sketched, and drew the war throughout the European Theater and was part of the invasion of Normandy at Omaha Beach. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for creating an extraordinarily fine graphic record of thew ar and his work was published in many magazines and newspapers, including LIFE and The New York Times. After being discharged from the Army as a Master Sergeant in 1945, Bromberg won a Guggenheim Fellowship in Creative Painting and became a professor at North Carolina State University's School of Design. Still an active artist, he now works with fiberglass and creates large culptural castings of rock and cliff formations. He now resides in Woodstock, New York.


[Manuel Bromberg]

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