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Why Send Artists into Combat?

Today, it may seem inconceivable that the government would dispatch artists into combat zones to record their personal impressions of war. Most people, familiar with the black and white photographs and newsreels of World War II, wonder why artists were thought to be necessary. But the Army, Navy & Marines, along with leading American magazines and corporations, established war art programs, so that the war would be remembered through the eyes of some of America's leading young artists. Find out about the origins of these programs; and read excerpts from the original mandate sent to the artists by the United States Army.

The Archives

The archives pages lists locations where many of the pieces of artwork are stored, and has links to their websites, where you can see additional online galleries of the works of WWII combat artists.

The Filmmakers

Find out about the creative team behind They Drew Fire, including the director of the film, Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Brian Lanker.

Companion Book and Video Cassette

The paintings and stories behind They Drew Fire are captured in the companion book, published by TV Books. This compendium, featuring an introduction by director Brian Lanker and historical essays by Co-Producer Nicole Newnham, shows the range of work created by the war artists during World War II. Both the book and a video cassette of They Drew Fire are available today.

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