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Is the Press out of Control?

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

President Clinton’s Legacy  (aired 9/17/1998)
What fate awaits William Jefferson Clinton? We asked two well-known students of American politics.

Has Washington Gone Haywire?  (aired 5/8/1997)
The Cold War is over. The economy is booming. There’s a balanced budget in the works. Things are looking pretty good in America. But Washington is in a fever swamp of rumor, scandal, and character assassination.

Is Public Journalism, Journalism?  (aired 10/17/1996)
Lately, some of the old school canons of journalism, notably just reporting the facts, seems to have been abandoned for a type of reporting that seeks to shape the agenda. But is this a recent development? Has a liberal press been tricking us for years?

How Should We Handle Scandal?  (aired 7/12/1996)
Recent allegations surrounding the President and Mrs. Clinton have caused American scandal spectators to pay close attention to the media’s account of their actions. But to what extent are these scandals created and driven by the media?

The American Scandal Machine  (aired 2/1/1996)
Subpoenas are flying around the White House and the Clintons are in hot water over Whitewater. Meanwhile, the speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich, is under investigation by a special counsel. Are these real scandals?

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