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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

21st Century Science, Part Two  (aired 11/24/2005)
Human cloning, stem-cell research, global warming, and so-called “Intelligent Design” are only a few of the countless issues that seem to intertwine science, morality, commerce, and politics. Where is the balance? What is the role of the government in guiding scientific discovery?

21st Century Science, Part One  (aired 11/17/2005)
In the 21st century, scientific advances may help people live longer lives, be smarter, stronger, and even happier. Most every day we hear about designer babies, miracle cures, you name it — thanks mostly to genetic engineering. But despite the promised benefits, some opponents believe science is going too far and should be strictly regulated. Politics intervene. What are the moral and ethical controversies surrounding genetic science?

The Future of Socialism  (aired 7/7/2005)
By the 1970s, roughly 60 percent of the earth’s population lived under governments that espoused socialism in one form or another. But this is the era of free market economics. In Britain, Tony Blair has changed what it means to be a socialist. Israel’s famed kibbutz system, once the ideal of socialist utopianism has withered and what is left is now part of the market economy. And China is redefining its own brand of communism. What is the future of socialism?

Orwell’s Century  (aired 2/12/2004)
The year 2003 marked the centennial of author George Orwell’s birth. Called by some the most important writer of the twentieth century, his legacy is his language: Newspeak, Thought Police, Big Brother. Even his name has become an adjective: Orwellian. Although Orwell disdained what he called "all the smelly little orthodoxies," social critics at many points on the political spectrum claim him as a prime influence. How did his writing shape the twentieth century’s war of ideas? What were Orwell’s own politics?

What Do We Know About the Bible?  (aired 4/17/2003)
Recently an Israeli antiquities collector revealed the existence of a stone artifact inscribed with the words "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." The discovery set off a storm of controversy among archeologists, historians, and biblical scholars. What is science - once the scourge of religion - now telling us about the people and culture of Biblical times? Can the Bible serve as both a book of religious faith as well as historical facts?

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