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Ben Stein’s America

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Jacob Frenkel and Free Markets  (aired 2/14/2008)
Recently THINK TANK traveled to Israel to attend the renowned Herzliah Conference. There we spoke to Jacob Frenkel, the former Governor of the Bank of Israel, roughly the equivalent of the American Federal Reserve Bank. While serving as Governor, he helped transform the Israeli economy. The topic before the house: Jacob Frenkel, Israel, the free market this week on THINK TANK.

Economic Bubbles   (aired 9/30/2007)
From the Railroad boom to the dot.com crazy economic bubbles have shaped and shaken our Economy. But, are these always a bad thing? To learn about the positive, lighter side, of bubbles we are joined by Dan Gross, writer for Newsweek and author of "POP!" The topic before the house, what if a bubble isn’t trouble

Financial Finagling Pt. 1  (aired 3/15/2007)
The financial scandals of the last five years have given many American corporations a bad name. From Enron to Global Crossing, from Arthur Andersen to Merrill Lynch, big firms have been accused and sometimes convicted of financial skullduggery in all its forms. This has hurt many Americans — most of us own securities. Federal and state governments have passed new legislation aimed at curbing accounting fraud, but some say the regulations go too far --- others say, not far enough. But in the meantime, the stock market continues doing fairly well — despite chaotic global conditions. And abroad, America is still seen as a safe haven for investment. Has Wall Street become over-regulated? Or has recent legislation been the strong medicine big business needs to keep from self-destructing?

Has Spitzer Saved Wall Street?  (aired 8/31/2006)
Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Adelphia – these companies and many others are now synonymous with corporate scandal, greed and corruption. Many Americans have looked to the government to bring Wall Street to heel, and one man has been seen as the most important anti-corporate crusader in the nation– New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. He is an aggressive prosecutor who has taken on some of the business world’s biggest tycoons. He has also been criticized for using the power of his office to gain publicity for himself and to run for governor of New York state. Is Eliot Spitzer bringing law and order to Wall Street? Or has he overstepped the role of Attorney General?

The Truth about the Flat World, Part Two  (aired 6/30/2005)
We’re just a few years into the twenty-first century, and it looks like globalization is here to stay. Rapid advances in telecommunications and falling trade barriers have linked national economies like never before, and the free flow of goods, capital, and information are even helping to shift authoritarian regimes toward openness. But globalization has also exposed Americans to fierce competition from former sleeping giants like China and India, and perhaps even brought terrorism to our front steps. What is the future of globalization? Can it be a force for peace? And does America have what it takes to compete?

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