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The Courts on Trial

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Is there an Imperial International Court?   (aired 10/15/2003)
A core complaint of many American conservatives is that judges - and not elected representatives - have been making laws, not just interpreting them. Now a new book by Robert Bork questions the basis of such legal activism not only in America but worldwide. Judge Bork argues that a "New Class" of elites is using judicial review to outflank majorities and push through a radical social agenda. Are judges overstepping their authority? Are there remedies?

Are Lawyers Ruining America?  (aired 11/16/1995)
There has been a great deal of attention focused on Americaís criminal justice system lately, but what about our civil justice system? Americans and American companies spend billions of dollars suing each other every year.

Juries on Trial  (aired 9/30/1994)
Media attention is focusing the publicís watchfulness on the issue of jury selection, as demonstrated by the recent O.J. Simpson murder trial. Some experts say that publicity, prejudice, and complexity are destroying the jury system.

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