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Pocket MBA at Harvard, Part II

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Is the Net Killing Copyright?  (aired 7/13/2000)
Observers have long forecast major changes in the old economy due to the challenges and opportunities of the Internet. Now, it's the recording industry's turn. A company called Napster has developed software that makes it easy to exchange copyrighted music over the Internet. Founded a little under a year ago, Napster has already attracted millions of users -- and a lawsuit from the recording industry. But this controversy is about more than music: the Internet may pose a threat to all intellectual property. Is copyright dying? Can it be saved?

Is Business a Calling?  (aired 5/30/1999)
Corporate responsibility has become sizzling politics. Among the issues du jour are downsizing, moving jobs overseas and CEO compensation. These raise issues about the relationship between moral behavior and commercial gain.

Will the Global Economy Rebound?  (aired 10/8/1998)
Think Tank travels to Geneva, Switzerland to meet with business leaders gathered for a business dialogue sponsored by the International Chamber of Commerce. We examine the current state and future of the global economy.

Pocket MBA at Harvard, Part I  (aired 3/12/1998)
Think Tank travels to the distinguished Harvard Business School for a two-part series discussion with experts about American business, manufacturing, and technology.

Will The Economic Boom Last?  (aired 7/31/1997)
Is the current economic boom permanent?

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