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Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Interview with Margaret MacMillan  (aired 4/20/2006)
At the close of World War I - the "war to end all wars" - leaders of the major powers met in Paris to create what they hoped would be a lasting peace. From the ruins of four bankrupt empires they redrew the boundaries of the modern world. They carved out entirely new nations throughout Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including a British protectorate called Palestine and a patchwork country called Iraq. Many of today’s most violent conflicts can be traced back to decisions made during those fateful six months in Paris. What went wrong? What went right?

Whatever Happened to Socialism?  (aired 6/13/2002)
The Twentieth Century has been called the Age of Ideology. One idea stands out as perhaps the most influential of all: Socialism. Some believe it is the most humane political idea ever invented, the key to peace and prosperity. Others accuse it of creating poverty and giving rise to the bloodiest regimes of the Twentieth Century. Did Socialism fulfill its promise? Perhaps most important, does Socialism still exist?

THE HOME FRONT, THEN AND NOW  (aired 1/4/2002)
When the World Trade Center was hit by terrorists on September 11, many shocked Americans said: "This is like Pearl Harbor." It was just sixty years ago, on December 7, 1941, that Japan launched its surprise attack on America. The bombing jolted an ambivalent America into a war fought not only on the battlefields of Europe and Asia but also on the home front. How critical was this effort to the U.S. victory in World War II? And how does that compare to America’s home front today? Are therelessons to be learned?

Witness to Hope  (aired 8/11/2001)
Pope John Paul II will certainly go down in history as one of the most consequential figures of the 20th century. But Roman Catholic theologian George Weigel claims that while the Pope may be the most visible figure of the century, he may also be the least understood. Weigel, author of the newly released “Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II,” shares his insights on this man, his life, his achievements and his times.

Will a Third Party Decide Election 2000?  (aired 7/20/2000)
Throughout American history, third parties -- and sometimes even fourth parties -- have changed the course of the nation's politics. Third-party ideas have often found their way into the national debate and been adopted by the major parties. This year, Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan and Green Party nominee Ralph Nader are continuing that tradition. Indeed, some believe Nader could tip the balance of the vote in crucial states like California and Michigan. Will Nader or Buchanan affect the outcome of the 2000 election? Will they help shape America's political agenda?

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