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Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Bill James, Beyond Baseball  (aired 7/28/2005)
In the last few years, the success of teams like the LA Dodgers, the Oakland As, and of course the miraculous Boston Red Sox has been credited to a new scientific way of looking at baseball. Its called Sabermetrics, and it is changing the way we look at baseball and professional sports. How does it work? And are there wider implications beyond the world of sports?

Women in Sports  (aired 7/15/1999)
America's victory in the Women's World Cup has renewed debate on Title IX, the 1972 law banning sexual discrimination in federally financed education programs. How much of an impact has Title IX had on athletics programs and women's sports?

Should Cities Play Ball with Professional Sports?  (aired 1/22/1998)
Professional sports franchises have a powerful hold on a community, providing not just entertainment but a sense of identity and importance.

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