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Whither Russia?
Aired 6/16/2001

When President Bush faces off with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week in Slovenia it marks the first meeting between the head of the world’s sole superpower and the leader of a once mighty nation, now in trouble. The transition from the Soviet system to one based on democracy and market capitalism was once viewed with great optimism, both inside and outside Russia. But the reality has been sobering. Many observers now find Russia’s economic reforms ineffective and its democratic reforms threatened. A recent issue of The Atlantic Monthly put it bluntly: "Russia Is Finished." Is Russia finished? What does "finished" mean, anyway? And what might it all mean for America?
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  Leon Aron
    Director of Russian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and author of Boris Yeltsin: A Revolutionary Life
  Clifford Gaddy
    Fellow at the Brookings Institution
  Dimitri Simes
    President of the Nixon Center

Originally Aired: 6/16/2001

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