Coming Home San Antonio 

"Regardless if you were there for one hour to one year... you still served your country."  Sergeant Eric Alva 

Coming Home to San Antonio

Over the past five years, San Antonio has seen a sharp increase in the military community’s needs for services due to the drawdown of forces.   This number is expected to grow significantly --- between 2014 and 2017, an estimated 40,000 veterans and their families will settle in San Antonio, straining existing resources. Many leave the military with a sense that they are alone--that much of their struggles happen outside the purview of the civilian population.  They feel isolated and disconnected.  KLRN, the Emmy award-winning public television station serving South Central Texas, plans to address these connectivity and awareness problems by producing a ten-part online series called, Coming Home San Antonio, which will share the intimate stories of veterans and their families as they return from conflicts abroad. Through these personal stories, Coming Home will look at the issues and challenges veterans and their families face as they try to re-integrate as a family while building a new life as civilians.  

Watch the first episode of Coming Home San Antonio below. Visit YouTube to see more episodes each week.

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