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david hare
Born in Sussex in 1947, David Hare produced his first play, Slag, in 1970. A year later he first worked at the National Theater, beginning one of the longest relationships of any playwright with a contemporary theater. Between 1978 and 1997, the National produced 11 of Hare's plays. Five of his best known plays, Plenty, The Secret Rapture, Racing Demon, Skylight and The Judas Kiss have also been produced on Broadway.

conversation with hare
On balancing different perspectives:
"The subject of the play is what is it like for someone whose faith has never been tested to go to a place where faith is absolutely everything?"
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On acting for the first time:
"I'm not an actor... I'm not Peter Sellers."
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Making art without artifice:
"The audience slowly realizes that I am both in the events and describing them."
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On the value of reporting:
"To me curiosity is 50 times as valuable as opinion. There are enough opinions about the Middle East where as there is too little knowledge."
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On being a British man in a colonial situation:
"I always identify naturally with the colonial power, because I'm English, I don't know how I couldn't. I assume if I were Irish, you identify with the colonized in every story."
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On the possibility of peace in the region:
"It seems as if this post-Oslo period is at an end."
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