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Vietnam Passages News Release | Sandy Northrop | David Lamb | Production Credits

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Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace

This one-hour documentary from producer Sandy Northrop brings the last 25 years in Vietnam alive through the perspective of seven individuals whose lives, once defined by war, now personalize the struggle of a country entering the new millenium at peace. Filmed in and around one of Asia's most colorful and storied cities, the film blends individual narratives with archival footage and photographs, woven together with a storyteller's cadence.



Vietnam Passage premiered on PBS in May 2002. Find out if it's airing again on your local station.

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"Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace" has been made possible by:

Atlantic Philanthropies
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Nike, Inc.
Friends of Vietnam Passage
Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation
Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation

For more information go to:

For Sandy's Producer Notebook Word Doc file click here.