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Travel in Vietnam

Boats on Halong Bay at sunset
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, drawing visitors of every ilk. The adventurous can bike through the Mekong Delta, kayak in Ha Long Bay, or trek up Mt. Fansipan. For the budget-conscious backpacking trips along majestic waterways and through lush jungles offer up Vietnam's natural beauty for as little as five dollars a day. Even American veterans of the Vietnam War are returning in droves, eager for closure and a new perspective on the country that is forever burned in their psyches.

In addition to more traditional vacation packages, companies like Global Spectrum of Falls Church, Virginia, offer special tours that take veterans and their families to areas of former military operations. Tour participants can retrace their experiences and see how the country has evolved since the end of the Indochina conflict. Visitors can also combine a vacation with philanthropy and sign up for volunteer opportunities ranging from one to five days. Programs in areas like education, health and welfare and community development allow travelers to experience the beauty of Vietnam while giving back to the Vietnamese people.

Vietnam has something for everyone: the excitement of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) or Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, which still retains a 19th-century, French-colonial charm; breath-taking scenery and adventure in the mountains or rest and relaxation at the seaside.

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