Sharing experiences, offering support, gaining strength, building community.

There's so much that keeps us separated, but we have so much to gain from coming together. In this portion of a gathering, we have an opportunity to talk across the triad. It's a conversation that crosses barriers, bringing us together around adoption.

To join our conversation, please choose from one of the four following topics.

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What is family?
Brother, grandma, daughter, father. Simple names, but what do they mean? In our families we create, struggle with, and challenge these relationships. How are you building your family? Where do you fit in?

topic 1
When part of your family has a negative response to your experience with adoption...
An unthinking remark, unkind words, returned letters, severed ties. From the accidental to the intentional, the pain lasts. How do we cope? How do we reconnect?

topic 2
Where do we go from here?
What happens after the reunion? Whether you searched for years or were suddenly found, your reunion is a starting point. You thought the hard work was over, but it has actually just begun. What do you do now?

topic 3
The best part of all this is...
We spend so much time talking to each other about the difficult or painful aspects of our adoption experience. Here's your chance to celebrate your happiness, thank someone who's helped you, and share what's brought you joy.
Due to the intimate nature of these conversations, we ask that you are careful and respectful of this meeting place. We ask that you do not post solicitations (search services, books, etc.), birthmother letters, or specific search information as these messages tend to impede, rather than further, dialogue.

Solicitations, birthmother letters, specific search information and, of course, any other inappropriate messages will be deleted. We do this in order to facilitate, not stop, discussion. There are better places for these postings, some of which can be found on our resources page.

Although these conversations are monitored, adoption: a gathering's creators and sponsors are not responsible for what is posted here. The views presented here are also not necessarily those of a gathering's staff or sponsors.

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