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The following Featured Post comes from TV Series Group 1, Thread 7.

1. Who do you relate to?
Tue, Sep 14, 1999 - 7:14 PM/EST

I tried making notes for myself while watching the first four hours. Being into psychology, I was aware that I felt most comfortable with the daughters. Trying to figure that one out, I decided (since I'm white) that I could at least expect some acceptance and/or willingness to see beyond my skin color on their part. But that doesn't really explain it to my satisfaction. Cicily just feels familiar to me, an intelligent, thoughtful woman I'd enjoy talking to you and would find much in common with.

It drives me crazy that I can't understand much of what Bill says (literally hear it or make out his words), but I'm comfortable with him, too. It is Karen who poses the biggest problem for me.I just don't quite understand her. She smiles a lot when I can't understand why, seems downright enigmatic, if that's the word. It's clear she loves Bill and the kids, likes working, but I'm hoping to see more of her, 'cause I haven't seen enough to understand why she made the choices she made.

2. I've noticed that too!
Wed, Sep 15, 1999 - 2:10 AM/EST

Karen does seem enigmatic, like she's going over a private joke in her own mind. Maybe she has quite an internal dialogue going on about her life, her relationship with her girls, and fearing their future, all contrasted against a backdrop of how she and her mother get along, and her life heretofore. I think that's the root of her smile, and some of the things she says and does.

Tha' Duke

3. Who do you relate to?
Wed, Sep 15, 1999 - 9:11 AM/EST

I have to say I can actually relate to Karen.

I understand what she is going through. I didn't think she was vocal enough at first but as the show goes on I can see is really the one that holds the family together. She gave birth to Cicily alone, she is the one that works, she is the one that seems to meet things head on while Bill does his musician thing..She has alot of responsibility taking care of this family and just seems so frustrated. People don't seem to realize how hard it is being white raising a bi-racial child. It's hard enough being just a parent.

4. Night #3
Wed, Sep 15, 1999 - 9:27 AM/EST

Finally! I felt a "true" connection to the Sims family! After sitting thru the first 4 hours of the series, lasts nights episode with Karen telling Choney that she had enough of her "looks and mouth", with Cicily's friends talking about their fear of using "slang" (homegirl) around her, and with Karen's trip home to Florida...her mother coming right out and saying, "If this was still Ohio, I wouldn't have a problem with Bill and the girls coming, but here in Florida with the K.K.K......."

THIS is the reality, on a daily basis, for those of us with bi-racial children, and in an interracial relationship. I found myself laughing out loud last night, and shaking my head, as these are the "real life" issues we face. When Cicily was talking about being at the grocery store with Karen, and the clerk "waiting" on Karen first....even one of her college friends made a comment of having that same type of experience while shopping with Cicily.

It reminded me of picking up my youngest daughter ( who like her father, is very dark skinned) from pre-school, and 3-4 little kids in the class asking...."is she your mother? She's white....." outta the mouths of babes.....I hope I had not givin the impression that I wanted the program to just show all of the negative aspects of a bi-racial family, but by the same token, I didn't want people to think thats it's all a "Huxtable" life either. We have ups and downs like any other family, just with a little racisim mixed into the pot. Looking forward to tonights episode....

6. relate
Wed, Sep 15, 1999 - 1:19 PM/EST

Oddly enough, I found myself (at my advanced age) relating a bit to Chaney. Not the "wanting to date at 12" part but the "trapped at the sink doing dishes while Mom yells at you" part. Is that a universal Mom-thing? I don't remember her doing it to my younger sister.
Of course Karen was right! Dating at 12? Even my husband was shouting at the tube "You don't NEED a boyfriend, girl!" He identified with Bill, dressing for his daughter's date. I doubled over laughing.

7. Who do you relate to?
Wed, Sep 15, 1999 - 8:28 PM/EST

I think that I can relate to Cicily because part of her is saying "Hey, this is me! Accept me for who I am as a human being, not as the skin tone you see before you." I know what I'm about to say happened earlier in the series, but this is still running through my mind. On the Africa trip, Edwin seemed to be vocalizing for the whole Africian American student group when he said; it's time for Cicily to cross that line." But later on, he contradicted himself when he said; "ya, she's half white half big deal..." To me, he seemed to be back tracking on things that were said. I did enjoy last nights episode getting to know Chaney more and her relationship with her parents. The one thing that seemed to be confusing was when Bill said that they almost gave Cicily up for adoption, but Karen said further into part 6 that the state of Ohio tried to take Cicily away from her. Which was it? Whatever statement is true, Karen and Bill have a intelligent, beautiful, and wonderful daughter, and I can't wait until tonights episode.


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