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The following Featured Post comes from Under 25 Group 2, Thread 3.

1. Can relate to Cicely
Thu, Sep 16, 1999 - 11:13 AM/EST

When Cicely said in the beginning of the 7th episode I think, that she "dosen't even try to have a conversation with these people because they don't know what the f---you're talking about" I can totally relate to that. I went to a mostly white high school in California and the people didin't have a clue.

They would say something bigoted not realizing it was and if you pointed it out to them it was like you were too sensitve. But if you so much as looked at them the wrong way they'd have a kitty. Some of the white students would be friendly to me when we were alone, then get 'em in a group and it was like US against THEM. I just found my friends where I could find them, which happened to be people of all races. I have to admit that even though I'm not biracial, I can relate with Cicely not completely fitting in with both whites and blacks.

I didin't have alot of blacks friends because I couln't relate to most of the ones at my school. I wasn't into talking slang ect... to them I was probably like a liitle white-black girl. And most of the whites barlely acknowledged my exsistence for me to become friends with them.

A lot of white people think we have a chip on our sholders but some us have it because of they're attitude toward us. But at the same time there are some white people who a really nice and are trying not to be prejudece and they should be an example to thoes who are.

If you hear a racist joke or something, have the courage to SPEAK UP and say it's wrong. I liked the fact that Cicely's sorority sisters seemed to be sensitve to her feelings. Maybe that came from them living with her and seeing her in their day to day lives which made her a real person.

2. Relating to Cicely
Thu, Sep 16, 1999 - 12:07 PM/EST

I totally understand where you're coming from! I was also considered a "white-black" girl. My peers at the time made it seem taboo to speak proper English. I love rock music, so that was also a no-no. Most of my life, I had 99.9% white friends because they accepted me. Sometimes I felt like the "token" but how could I ignore the fact that I was usually the only black kid. It wasn't until college when I encountered some other black women who have had similar experiences.

3. can relate to Cicely
Thu, Sep 16, 1999 - 5:53 PM/EST

Ever since my family moved to the U.S. from nigeria I could relate to Cicely. though i came here when i was only eitht years old, i noticed that black people would treat me differently. i went to a huge school, mostly white and asian, but there was a strong black presence there. From the third grade to last year when i graduated from high school i only made one black friend in school. Most of my friends are still Asian. Most black people i've meant thing i'm snobbish or trying to "act" white, which i wasn't. for a time this hurt me, the way i was brought up, and the manner in which i chose to speak, were the reason's people of my race refused me.

I recently came back from England, having spent 2monthes there and i sometimes think if i'm criticized for my so-called whiteness what about my British cousins will they also be criticized for their properness?

i didn't feel all of Cicely's anger toward both races, but i understood it.

4. White-Black
Thu, Sep 16, 1999 - 10:01 PM/EST

Oh Yes, it is sooooo...bad to speak proper English.... You are considered trying to act white, etc. etc. if you don't sat "WHO DAT IS", I don't want my two year old son talking like that, I don't care, I was not brought up like that and I won't have my child acting ignorant!!Call it what you wish, proper english is here to stay!!!

5. minority on campus
Fri, Sep 17, 1999 - 4:42 PM/EST

I also can relate totally to Cicely's situation at college. Because I attend a college where African Americans only make up 2% of the population. Coming from a majority African American city its a major culture shock to go to a majority white college. Without being actively involved in my schools Black student Union I don't think I would have been able to stay here.

I think its very important that minorities be actively involved at their schools. I'm not sure if Colgate has a BSU but I never saw Cicely trying to get involved with minorities on campus. She always seemed to assume they were all hostile towards her and choose to be a victim.

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