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The following Featured Post comes from Relationship Group 5, Thread 17.

1. A Word of Thanks to the Organizers of This Forum
Thu, Sep 23, 1999 - 5:56 PM/EST

I know it's not over yet, but I want this out for the record. Major kudos to the organizers of this forum! As I've mentioned before, I had begun to feel I was alone in my views against racism. I've volunteered with the only organization I know of, but their focus is on hate crimes after the fact or putting together festivals touting diversity that I don't think bigots would even attend. I have settled for attending community mtgs where a crime has occured, purposely "planted" in the audience to get them to open up & voice their fears/prejudices, and they won't. I thought maybe I'm just too idealistic and should accept the fact that nothing can be done. I was even becoming a bit paranoid, assuming ALL whites are bigots and probably most non-whites too.

This forum has helped in many ways. Participating in completely open, frank discussions on topics that are largely viewed as taboo, without fear of retaliation, has enlightened and inspired me. As the group is so diverse and open, the various viewpoints shared both afirm my views and/or help me look at it from a different angle. After voicing my views, which are quite strong, I have even found new friends here that respect (even agree with) my opinions. For the last 7 yrs, in order to have friends I had to keep my opinions to myself, keep it superficial, put up with bigotry, and bite my tongue. With the exception of my family and friends who have died, I have NEVER found this before. So thanks, it gives me hope.

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