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The following Featured Post comes from Relationship Group 9, Thread 22.

1. Only 4 days left, What have you learned?
Mon, Oct 4, 1999 - 10:50 AM/EST

Have people said everything they want to say?
I'll keep checking any active messages, but it
looks like we're winding down.

Race relations seem to be one of the hardest
things to talk about. I appreciated being able to
talk to all of you so openly. I thought more
about what keeps us apart, what helps us build
bridges and what more I can do to help make the
climate in this country a little better (I'll be
starting local).

I hadn't thought about the feelings that
surrounded black men dating black women. I
learned some new ways of looking at affirmative
action and illegal immigration. I heard some of
the anger and frustration about the current state
of affairs as well as some reasons for hope.

Thanks to everyone who added to the conversation.
Thanks especially to Alicia, Kilimanjaro, Ben,
Johnizen and Kikko who I seemed to talk with the
most and gave me some great food for thought.
What I hope I contributed? That I also helped
people think in new directions. For people who
have to deal with racism, that even though there
are many out there who openly discriminate, there
are others like myself who want to see change and
may be looking for ways to make a difference.

Keep the faith. It's been great. I wish all of
you well.

2. My group observations
Mon, Oct 4, 1999 - 12:16 PM/EST

One of the following probably explains the large number of posts in the beginning

1) All of us in this group have short attention spans.

2) Others are checking the threads at work like myself..., and the boss noticed.

3) We have a lot less intelligent thoughts to contribute then we originally imagined as we signed up. Condensing all that jarble in my head into 2K semi-choherent characters was a lot harder than I expected. I remember now why I stayed away from a Liberal Arts degree. Except for Ben, I don't suspect may of us are planning to submit to magazines for publication real soon.

On a more serious note. I appreciated everyone's input. Members introduced me to perspectives never before imagined. And I am a know-it-all (Just ask my wife).

I did notice that as enlightened we try to be we still spend a lot of energy talking past one another. I am certainly as guilty as the next poster. Just something to keep in mind when we talk to those real world slobs who aren't even trying to be enlightened.

Oh, how I wish to have the time to spend with individuals of the group at a coffee shop discussing "our topcis" and art, politics? I guess I know what I will be doing during retirement (My wife will really find me unbearable when I come home).

3. the group
Mon, Oct 4, 1999 - 9:01 PM/EST

I've had a wonderful time. I regret not having the
time to add as many posts as I wished. I found
everyone refreshingly civil and articulate. I did
not agree with all perspectives but I felt the
genuine will of the group to have the world be a
better place. I suppose it's happened
already.Knowing that you are all out there
choosing to see others as equals has given me
hope. I must give a nod to Kilamanjaro,bbc,ben and
demara. Thankyou for your heartfelt and honest
posts. I learned alot from you.
To everyone: SHINE and show others the power of


4. What have you learned
Wed, Oct 6, 1999 - 7:43 PM/EST

I'm pleased that there is, at least, one place online that is, as Alicia say, "civil and articulate." I've tried to interact on message boards on this topic to my regret.I wish I'd begun at the beginning. It's been interesting. As said, (sorry, I didn't write the name) we do "talk past" one another. I guess that's because we want to express and listening is not easy--at first. Having been in the listening business I hope I did not mis-interpret anyone. It, usually, takes a series of exchanges before "we" begin to "hear." Without body and tone cues as in the traditional way of communicating-talking we miss lots.

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