Maybe most people walk down the street constantly willing to give money to the homeless if the proper sales pitch is thrown at them, or only if they can find someone to believe-- a sort of impulse donation in the same way that there are impulse purchases. Your statistics and survey might have some telling insights to offer if this is the case. But for me, what most determines whether I give or not is my mood and not the message of the person I give to....To be asked to rate different appeals for help with totally insignificant amounts of money and without personal contact (my computer doesn't even have audio) just doesn't represent my reality.
- Trevor


It's humbling. I found myself not sure of each individual's honesty, and I was embarrassed I didn't trust some of them more, and give more, but I was more embarrassed to see how little (if anything) most pollsters would give these people, all of whom could be us at any time.
- Krinda


So, this site is run by PBS? One group of panhandlers helping out another. First of all, the economy and the job market in this country has NEVER been better. Anyone of these bums that says he's looking for a job is lying. Secondly,they are BUMS...who the Hell promoted them to "homeless"? That makes them sound like cute orphaned puppies instead of shiftless, addicted, derelicts. As Mother Theresa said, "The poor will always be with us." That means that throwing change at the problem will not solve it. By giving a bum money, you are encouraging and rewarding maladaptive behavior. You are showing them that it is acceptable and profitable to sit there like a turd and beg for money. Shame on you!
- Phil






Which statement do you agree with more?
Panhandling is like being on welfare.Panhandlers are like entrepreneurs.

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