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The American fitness craze started on Muscle Beach in Santa Monica

Answer; Muscle Beach in Santa Monica
In 1934, people into health and fitness would meet on the beach in Santa Monica to workout and display their physical prowess. These acrobatic stunts attracted large crowds to the area at the base of the Santa Monica Pier which became known as “Muscle Beach”. The original Santa Monica regulars became household names, when they brought fitness to California and the world through their gyms, exercise equipment, and fitness television shows. Some of these founders of fitness include Harold Zinkin, Vic Tanny, Jack LaLanne and Joe Gold. Muscle Beach attracted countless colorful characters including Paula Boelsems and her waterskiing elephant.


Today “Muscle Beach” is more associated with neighboring Venice Beach, but the people there are weight lifters not acrobats. Santa Monica’s “Muscle Beach” has recently been refurbished and a rebirth of some of the old magic may soon be seen again.

Bottom: Harold Zinkin - Inventor of Universal Gym Equipment, 1st
Mr. California, U.S. National Weightlifting Champion.
On top of Harold: DeForest Most (known as
" Moe")- Original Sports Director of Muscle Beach
On top of Moe: Jack LaLanne - Godfather of Fitness
On top of Jack: Gene Miller - Professional Hand Balancer
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