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Weekend Explorer Series Description


Join the adventure as Emmy awarded host Jeffrey Lehmann takes you to incredibly scenic destinations throughout North America and the world in the award winning Weekend Explorer television series. Each episode features a unique destination and searches out that area’s best kept secrets as well as exploring traditional landmarks. Experience the new spirit of travel with the host, while learning about each destination through his informative and humorous narrative that includes culture, history, nature, and wildlife.

Episode Descriptions

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Llama trek in the serene and beautiful Sierra de Cristo mountains, learn about chili at the Santa Fe School of Cooking, mountain bike through a ghost town along the Turquoise Trail, explore an ancient Pueblo Indian ruin, horseback ride during a stunning sunset, learn about Georgia O’Keefe, meet an up and coming artist, and relax in a unique outdoor Japanese spa. Buy the video

Laughlin, Nevada
Go house boating on Lake Mojave and enjoys the sport of water skiing. Explorer the Colorado River on kayak, wave runner, and jet boat. Meet Don Laughlin, the town’s namesake. Visit nearby Oatman, AZ where wild burros roam the streets, explore a giant mine, take a stage on old Wild West coach trails, and visits the London Bridge. Buy the video

Santa Monica, California
Visit “America’s Beach” where the healthy lifestyle for which Southern California is known was made famous. Surf with professional surfer turned restaurateur, and then head to the local Farmer’s Market. Roller blade along the beach with roller blading legend Debbie Merrill, and watch 78 year old skateboarder Liz Bevington, the “Skateboarding Momma”. Head to the beach made famous by Baywatch, and work out at Muscle Beach with world renowned weightlifter Jack Le Lanne. Buy the video

Animal Special
Join a crazy adventure to reunite a wild bear cub with its family after the cub gets stuck in a bear-proof dumpster. Visit numerous destinations and gain in-sight into the right and wrong way to interact with animals, while on vacation. Learn tips on how to spot wildlife, and visit some great regional zoos. Buy the video

Whitefish, Montana
Walk among the canopy of an old growth forest in a unique eco-tour, enjoy world class cuisine at a historic lodge, kayak among the pristine Rocky Mountains, fly fish on the longest wildest river in the U.S., mountain bike to the top of Big Mountain to a scenic vista overlooking the Canadian Rockies, and view mountain goats, moose, and bear in spectacular Glacier National Park, and try the new sport of mountain scootering. Buy the video

Hong Kong – City of Life
Discover China’s most cosmopolitan city, and visit one of the tailor shops for which the city is famous. Dance at a night club in the popular Lan Kwai Fong district, explorer a quaint traditional fishing village, hike in a beautiful lush jungle to a mountain top that features a gigantic bronze Buddha, and see the unique and interesting Bird Market. Buy the video

Hong Kong – Dragons

Search out the mythical dragons for which China’s most cosmopolitan city is known. Look for the very rare wild pink dolphins of Victoria Harbor, learn about the ancient tradition of tea, visit the popular Fish Market where Koi fish are often sold for over $40,000, shop in the popular Night Market, explore a traditional Chinese apothecary, and experience the exciting International Dragon Boat Races. Buy the video

Out Takes
Go behind the scenes to see some of the funniest and most interesting things to happen while shooting the “Weekend Explorer” series over the first 3 years. Learn what being on a “Weekend Explorer” shoot is really like for the host, co-hostess, and the crew. Join in the crazy happenings that occur after hours on-location as the series travels to destinations across America and abroad. Buy the video

Conwy, Wales
Tour this scenic country from a base in historic Conwy, a town that sits within the protective walls of a majestic Medieval castle. Horseback ride a mountain that overlooks the scenic Irish Sea, hike in a national park with wild goats and a bizarre looking type of Seal, and visit a local woolen mill that takes wool from the sheep’s back all the way to tweed blazers. Buy the video

Windermere, England
Visit the birthplace of Peter Rabbit and the other Betrix Potter characters in this most English of countrysides. Sail on beautiful Lake Windamere, work with endangered birds at the World Owl Trust, hike the dales with the bizarre looking Highland Cattle, learn about the devilish tricks of the real Tom Fool at Muncaster castle, and meet the “World’s Biggest Liar” in beautiful Eskdale National Park. Buy the video

Mammoth, California
Search for bears and learn how residents coexist with the bears that live in their city, horseback ride in the majestic snow covered Sierra mountains, glide down the slopes of one of California's favorite ski resorts, fly over majestic Yosemite National Park, mountain bike through the beautiful and serene Sierra wilderness, take an exciting off-road vehicle tour, wonder at beautiful yet dangerous thermal springs and soak in relaxing natural hot springs. Buy the video

Eastern Sierras, California
Hike to a High Sierra lake on the trail to the highest peak in the continuous United States, explore the Alabama Hills the site of famous movies staring John Wayne, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and many others, go bouldering in the incredible Buttermilks, learn about the mistaken internment of Japanese-Americans at Manzanar during World War II, kayak through the geological spires of mystic Mono Lake, fish for trout in a High Sierra lake, and discover the secrets to surviving in the wild west at the ghost town of Bodie. Buy the video

Kanab, Utah
Repel into and then swim in scenic slot canyons of Zion National Park, ride a mule into the mystical red spires of Bryce Canyon, fly over stunningly beautiful tributaries on the way to the Colorado River, hike the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and learn how Hollywood saved this city. Buy the video

Ruidoso, New Mexico
Feel the rush on a Harley motorcycle following in the path of notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, ride horses up beautiful mountain slopes to an overlook of southern New Mexico's deserts, Frolic in the sand dunes of gigantic White Sands National Monument, try your luck striking it rich panning for gold, mountain bike on a scenic trail, and bet on your favorite horse at famous Ruidoso Downs. Buy the video

Seward, Alaska
Ride a train into the very heart of Alaska's wilderness, dog sled with a competitor of the world famous Ididatrod, ride horses into a beautiful high mountain pass, get rocked by waves as large chunks of ice calve into the ocean, play with a giant Steller sea lion, whitewater raft in a glacier fed river, watch the acrobatic puffin, and enjoy the incredible scenery of Alaska. Buy the video

Homer, Alaska
Catch unbelievably large halibut, kayak among the awesome bald eagle, take a helicopter to explore a glacier, dig for clams, watch waves of salmon as they swim upstream to spawn, canoe with beautiful snow white swans, and watch a brilliant red sunset over a smoldering volcano. Buy the video

Elk Meadows, Utah
Ride a snowboard through 3 feet of fresh "champagne" powder, snowshoe into the high country, feel the rush snowmobiling over jumps, learn how to avoid being caught in a deadly back country avalanche, and take a helicopter over scenic Bryce Canyon. Buy the video

Carlsbad, New Mexico
Explore the world famous "Carlsbad Caverns", experience the spectacle as thousands of bats leave the cave complex at dusk, jet ski on a lake as lightning rolls across the scenic New Mexican desert, ride a paddlewheel on the Pecos River, rock climb at Sitting Bull Falls, and mountain bike through the beautiful desert countryside. Buy the video

Catalina Island, California
Duck at night to avoid flying fish in one of the world's most unique tours, zodiac to the rugged backside of this wild island, take a four wheel drive tour to see bison, the endangered Catalina Island fox, and beautiful sea coves, kayak to an isolated valley for a nature walk, and dive a breath taking underwater preserve. Buy the video

San Diego, California
Raise a sail on the tall ship Star of India, scuba dive with sea lions off the Coronado Islands, Horseback ride on a historic California Rancho, Mountain Bike through beautiful Cleveland National Forest, hike Mission Trails park and learn about the native Kumeyaay indians, go barnstorming in a real 1920's bi-plane, and learn about the most famous barnstormer of them all Charles Lindbergh. Buy the video

Eureka, California
Mountain bike ride to spectacular Fern Canyon, help make a yoke for Paul Bunyan's oxen, whitewater raft below the Trinity Alps, horseback ride on giant Moonstone beach, kayak to visit harbor seals in fertile Humboldt Bay, stalk Bigfoot and visit the Bigfoot Museum, and hike among the resplendent California redwoods. Buy the video

La Jolla, California
Paraglide over red clay cliffs with beautiful vistas of the Pacific Ocean, hike among the rare Torrey Pine tree, skin dive with the huge orange Garibaldi fish, kayak in mystical sea caves, sunbathe with seals, visit beautiful beaches, and learn the secret hidden in the basement of the local shell shop. Buy the video

Season's Highlights
This episode features a number of new activities and points of interest in the areas visited throughout the year; Follow Steve Searles as he is called on to evict bears out of houses as snow starts to fall in Mammoth Lakes, rock climb in scenic Zion National park, and explore undiscovered indian relics in the Southwest. This show also includes a number of out takes as the host and cameramen crash on mountain bikes and get sucked into whitewater rapids giving the audience a feel for how the Weekend Explorer series is actually created. Buy the video

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