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The owls of Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle is home to the World Owl Trust, which strives to conserve owls world-wide. For 25 years, it’s served as a 'Noah's Arc for Owls'.

The Owl Centre has 48 species/subspecies, these include the largest (European Eagle Owl) to the smallest (Pigmy and Scoop Owls). There are the beautiful (Barn and Ural Owls) and the bizarre (Spectacled and Milky Eagle Owls), and there are the majestic (Great Grey Owl). There are the unusual (Brown Fish Owls) and the rare (Burrowing and Ethiopian Eagle Owl). The Trust’s success with the spectacular European Eagle Owl that we featured in this episode is equally important to the preserving the once common but now quickly disappearing Barn Owl at one time found throughout England.

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