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Discover the high points in the last 3,000 years of Laughlin’s history

Here’s an interesting fact to start with;
Unlike the “Pony Express”, mail was delivered to this desert community in the 1800’s via camel!

900BC Patayan and Anasazi Indians inhabit Colorado River area.

1200 Mojave Indians plant crops along river banks.

1540 Spanish explorer Melchi Diaz travels through tri- state area.

1776 Father Garces crosses Colorado River at the site of Katherine Landing.

1852 Steamboats begin travelling Colorado River.

1857 Lt. Edward Beale surveys tri-state area for government. Camels were used to deliver the mail.

1858 Lt. J.C. Ives names Pyramid Canyon, later selected as site of Davis Dam, during the survey of the Colorado River.

1863 Extensive mining begins in tri-state area.

1864 William Harrison Hardy founded Hardyville, on the AZ side, a major supply center and river port.

1900 Katherine Mine discovered.

1902 Reclamation Services investigates new dam site in Pyramid Canyon.

1930 Davis Dam Project authorized.

1931 Gambling legalized in Nevada. Thanks Bugsy!

1935 Hoover Dam dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1942 Construction starts and stops on Davis Dam; last steamboat runs the Colorado River; last precious metal taken from Katherine Mine. Bullhead City is created.

1946 Construction resumes on Davis Dam

1953 Davis Dam finished; Bull Head Rock becomes submerged by Lake Mojave, just north of the Dam.

1966 Don Laughlin buys and opens Riverside Resort.

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