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Gain insight into some of the Laughlin area’s many petroglyphs

If you are looking for a break from the casinos try Grapevine Canyon, the biggest petroglyph site in Southern Nevada. It is well worth the approximately half hour drive. Follow the directions to Spirit Mountain, and look for the road to Grapevine Canyon that is clearly marked, off Christmas Tree Pass Road. These petroglyphs tell the Mojave Indian’s story of how the Colorado River and the Mojave Region came into being.

According to the Mojave creation myth, the oldest spirit was Matavilya, made from the mating of Earth and Sky. Matavilya had two sons, Mastamho and Kaatar, and a daughter, Frog. Frog killed her father for an unwitting indecency. Mastamho directed the cremation and mourning ceremony and created the Colorado river by plunging a cane of breath and spit into the earth. He rode a canoe creating river bottom by twisting and turning his boat on his journey to the sea. He returned with the Mojave people, taking them in his arms to the northern end of Mojave country. There he piled up earth, creating the mountain Avlkwa'ame (Spirit Mountain). Ultimately, Mastamho turned himself into an Osprey, or fish-eagle.

This information was derived from the enjoylaughlin web site

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