The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo
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Teacher's Guide
Parent's Guide

Educational Guides
The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo (premieres March 23, 2005 – check local listings) documentary introducers viewers to a range of themes beyond the story of the artist and her paintings. The educational materials in this section were specifically developed to assist high school and college teachers and parents in using the story of Frida's life to teach about Mexican cultural and political history, Modern Art, the role of women in the early 20th century and to place Frida's story in a larger context of culture and history.

Teacher's Guide
Designed for 10-12 grade language arts, social studies and art classes, the lessons within the Teacher's Guide strengthen students' understanding of Kahlo's life as well as other subjects underscored in the film, such as Mexican culture and history, and art movements and styles. The activities can easily be adapted for use at the college level.

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Parent's Guide
Learning-based activities, designed for school-age children, strive to expand the understanding of and connection to Kahlo's personal and professional life, as well as the colorful and complex world in which she lived and worked. The Parent's Guide enables parents and caregivers to build on children's personal experiences as they explore art, culture, heritage and history.

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NOTE: For additional classroom content, please visit PBS TeacherSource.

As with any program that airs on PBS, we encourage teachers and parents to determine whether The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo is appropriate for their children and students. The film, and some of the material on this Web site, deal with some very mature themes such as sexuality, miscarriage and illness. Be sure to preview them before sharing with your child or in your classroom.

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