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New Perspectives on THE WEST
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Where in THE WEST?

Where in THE WEST Quiz

Where is it?
Early visitors thought they had stumbled into hell, but in recent years it's been hard to keep Americans from overcrowding this geothermal wonderland.

Yosemite Park
Yellowstone Park
The Badlands

There's history written on this piece of Western real estate, chiseled by emigrants determined to leave their mark on America.

El Morro
Independence Rock
Scott's Bluff
Where is it?

Where is it?
Headquarters for preservationists who want to protect the West's natural splendors, this lovely landmark has been attracting tourists almost from the day it was discovered.

Yosemite Valley
Wallowa Valley
Death Valley

A sacred place to the people of the Plains, this shaft of volcanic rock played a starring role in the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Citadel Rock
Devils Tower
Chimney Rock
Where is it?

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