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New Perspectives on THE WEST
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Archives of THE WEST
Episode One
(to 1806)
Episode Two
(1806 to 1848)
Episode Three
(1848 to 1856)
Episode Four
(1856 to 1868)
Episode Five
(1868 to 1874)
Episode Six
(1874 to 1877)
Episode Seven
(1877 to 1887)
Episode Eight
(1887 to 1914)
ARCHIVES (1887 - 1914)



Oklahoma Land Rush, 1889

8.1 Starting line for the first Oklahoma Land Rush in 1889 Chief Joseph and Alice Fletcher

8.2 Chief Joseph visits Alice Fletcher at the Lapwai reservation
Chief Joseph

8.3 Chief Joseph photographed by Edward Curtis Butte, MT

8.4 Copper smelter pouring smoke into the air of Butte, Montana

8.5 Wovoka (seated), the Paiute holy man who inspired the Ghost Dance movement Kicking Bear

8.6 Kicking Bear, a Miniconjou Lakota who brought news of the Ghost Dance to the Standing Rock reservation
Ghost Dance Shirt

8.7 A Lakota Ghost Dance shirt, believed to protect its wearer from bullets Big Foot's Band

8.8 Big Foot's band, the Lakota who met disaster at Wounded Knee
Chief Big Foot in death

8.9 The frozen body of Chief Big Foot, photographed several days after the massacre at Wounded Knee, when troops returned to bury the dead The body of a victim at Wounded Knee

8.10 The frozen body of a victim of the massacre at Wounded Knee
Mass grave at Wounded Knee

8.11 Troops stack the frozen bodies of the Lakota killed at Wounded Knee into a mass grave Hotchkiss Guns

8.12 Soldiers pose with the Hotchkiss Guns used against Big Foot's band at Wounded Knee
Two men make an early sound recording of Native Americans

8.13 Two men prepare to make an early sound recording of Native Americans Touring Yosemite by horse

8.14 A turn-of-the-century tourist takes in the sights at Yosemite Park

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