• Barack Obama's 2004 DNC SpeechTen years ago this week, a Democratic Senate candidate named Barack Obama burst onto the national scene when he delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.  At the DNC four years later, Obama was nominated by his party as its presidential candidate.Watch Video
  • Gwen's Chat: July 31Ask Gwen anything. Send us your questions for next her live-chat on Thursday, July 31 at 12pm ET.

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  • Caroline Kennedy and Life on the Back Burner"[Caroline] Kennedy‚Äôs posting to Japan raised eyebrows among diplomats who noted her chief ties there had been established during her honeymoon. But the Japanese embraced her arrival as a sign that the U.S. thought enough of the relationship to send one of its foremost celebrities."

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  • Conflict Overseas and in U.S.: Will anything be solved? The Islamic States' move in Syria; Putin's desire for a powerful Russia;checking the temperature of German-U.S. relations and counting down until recess on the Hill.Watch Video