• Female swing-voters,two senators star in “Rival Survival” & Mark Sanford On the Webcast Extra, shifting priorities among swing-voting women aheade of the midterm elections. What happens when two senators find themselves stranded on an island? Plus Mark Sanford splits with his soul mate.Watch Video
  • September 16, 2014"Kerry enlists Saudi King in war of ideas against ISIS," TIME Magazine's Michael Crowley.

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  • Obama's Strategy to Combat ISIS and Immigration Reform DelayedAnalysis of President Obama's anti-terror strategy, Congress' outlook, and the U.S. public opinion toward the threat from ISIS. Also, why has Obama put immigration reform on the backburner?  Watch Video
  • Gwen's Take: A Strategy in Four Points"No votes have been scheduled, and one senses the debate is not yet over. But it’s beginning to sound like there is indeed a strategy at the White House and on Capitol Hill, for now -- even if it’s only a bridge to the next conflict."

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