• Obama's Asia Pivot, Rand Paul's GOP Rise & Google's DC FootprintWith planned trips to Japan and South Korea, President Obama is pivoting his focus to Asia. Plus, as Rand Paul competes with Ted Cruz with the GOP attention, who will win out as the 2016 primaries get closer? Watch Video
  • Ukraine Crisis, Defending Obamacare, Campaign Fundraising, Domestic TerrorismThe high-level talks between the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and the E.U. to find a diplomatic solution in Ukraine, President Obama defends the healthcare law, the surge in political fundraising.Watch Video
  • Gwen's Chat: Read the TranscriptMissed Gwen's Chat? You can read the transcript of it now. 

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  • Civil Rights, Healthcare & Presidential Legacies Gwen Ifill talks to Michael Duffy of TIME Magazine about the legacy of Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Barack Obama, and how history chooses to remember their time in office. 

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