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Paul Manafort jailed after judge revokes his bail

June 16, 2018
Kelly O'Donnell | NBC News
A judge revoked former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort’s bail on Friday and sent him to jail in Virginia, pending a trial. Prosecutors allege he tried to influence what potential witnesses might testify about his lobbying work with Ukraine.
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Secret FBI source for Russia investigation met with three Trump advisers during campaign

May 19, 2018
Robert Costa, Tom Hamburger, Devlin Barrett, Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
In mid-July 2016, a retired American professor approached an adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign at a symposium about the White House race held at a British university.
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Trump voters warn him not to fire Mueller: ‘People would be suspicious’

May 16, 2018
Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
They see the Russia investigation as President Trump does, as a witch hunt that has expanded far beyond its initial mandate with the explicit aim of delegitimizing or perhaps even overturning his 2016 election victory.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies on Capitol Hill

April 10, 2018
What do we expect to hear from Zuckerberg?
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Zuckerberg prepares for Congressional grilling

April 7, 2018
Nancy Cordes | CBS News
Facebook says it is taking steps to improve security and transparency as it deals with criticism following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. CEO Mark Zuckerberg will have to testify before Congress next week.
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Manafort moves to suppress evidence found in storage unit

April 7, 2018
Josh Gerstein | POLITICO
Lawyers for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort are arguing that what could be key evidence against him should be kept out of court because the FBI violated his Constitutional rights by illegally entering a storage locker belonging to Manafort's firm.
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Jared Kushner security clearance downgraded

February 28, 2018
Margaret Brennan | CBS News
Security clearance for Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Trump and Mr. Trump's son-in-law, has been downgraded. That means the president's son-in-law will no longer be allowed to view top-secret intelligence information.
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Hope Hicks meets with House Intelligence Committee

February 27, 2018
Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb | CNN
White House communications director Hope Hicks appears Tuesday behind closed doors before the House Intelligence Committee, where Republican members of the panel say they expect President Donald Trump's close aide to answer their questions as part of their investigation into Russian meddling into the US election.
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White House says Paul Manafort, Rick Gates indictments stem from business dealings

February 24, 2018
Kelly O'Donnell | NBC News
The White House has not commented further on the new charges against former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and the guilty plea from former campaign aide Rick Gates, saying this stems from their business dealings and not their work on the Trump campaign.
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