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First Trump cabinet nominees confirmed, Hillary Clinton attends inauguration and thousands expected for women's march

January 20, 2017
The Senate confirmed two of Trump's national security cabinet nominations.
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Clinton Emails: DOJ Inspector General to Review FBI, Comey Actions

January 13, 2017
Pete Williams, Halimah Abdullah | NBC News
The Justice Department Inspector General says he will review how the FBI and Justice Department handled certain aspects of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
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Putin Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ Aimed at U.S. Election, Report Says

January 7, 2017
David Sanger | The New York Times
American intelligence officials have concluded that the president of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, personally “ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election,” and turned from seeking to “denigrate” Hillary Clinton to developing “a clear preference for President-elect Trump.”
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Electors meet to officially cast votes for president

December 19, 2016
Eamon Javers | CNBC
CNBC's Eamon Javers reports the latest news out of Washington D.C. including the meeting of the Electoral College.
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Clinton says Putin grudge led Russia to hack, Podesta says something "deeply broken" at FBI

December 16, 2016
Dan Merica, Jeff Zeleny | CNN
Hillary Clinton said Thursday that Vladimir Putin's alleged involvement in the hacking of Democratic organizations stemmed from a longtime grudge Putin has held against her.
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Rosalind Wyman, trailblazing woman on LA city council, dreams of a woman in the White House

December 6, 2016
It's been a month since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election and left the "highest, hardest glass ceiling" unshattered. But for the female politicians who blazed the trail before Clinton, they still dream of a woman serving in the Oval Office.
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Trump and Clinton campaign managers clash and how Trump will handle the press

December 2, 2016
Tension abounds at a Harvard post-election review, and our panelists discuss what the press under President Trump will look like.
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Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides

December 2, 2016
Karen Tumulty, Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
The raw, lingering emotion of the 2016 presidential campaign erupted into a shouting match Thursday between top Clinton and Trump campaign officials.
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Hillary Clinton’s Team to Join Wisconsin Recount Pushed by Jill Stein

November 28, 2016
David Sanger | The New York Times
Nearly three weeks after Election Day, Hillary Clinton’s campaign said on Saturday that it would participate in a recount process in Wisconsin incited by a third-party candidate and would join any potential recounts in two other closely contested states, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
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