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Latino activists fight Trump's agenda and Democrats search for new leader and path forward

February 24, 2017
Hispanic political operatives are meeting to figure out how to combat Trump's immigration agenda.
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President Trump sends two Cabinet members south of the border

February 23, 2017
Margaret Brennan | CBS News
President Trump sent two members of his Cabinet south of the border on Wednesday, to explain his new crackdown on illegal immigration.
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Trump Delaying Revamped Immigration Order Until Next Week, Official Says

February 23, 2017
Jennifer Jacobs | Bloomberg Politics
President Trump is delaying issuing a new version of his order restricting immigration and banning travel to the U.S. from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
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DHS Outlines Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

February 22, 2017
Pete Williams, Jon Schuppe | NBC News
The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday began rolling out President Trump's plans for a wider crackdown on people coming into the U.S. illegally.
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Trump Proposal Would Deport More Immigrants Immediately

February 21, 2017
Peter Baker, Ron Nixon | The New York Times
Federal authorities would be empowered to immediately deport vastly more undocumented immigrants as part of a broad crackdown being developed by the Trump administration.
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Justice Department Opposes New Hearing for Trump Travel Restrictions

February 17, 2017
Pete Williams | NBC News
The DOJ told a federal court Thursday that there's no point in more court battles over the president's executive order on immigration, because it will soon be replaced by a different one.

Trump administration considers next steps after court upholds travel ban freeze

February 10, 2017
The 9th Circuit rejects Trump bid to reinstate travel ban.
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