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For Latino Democrats, fight for ‘dreamers’ underscores tense relationship with John Kelly

November 20, 2017
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
These tensions with Kelly, a retired four-star general, are surfacing again as Congress is poised for a year-end fight over whether to enact permanent legal protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants — known as “dreamers” — who were brought into the country as children.
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Dems in the driver's seat on DACA

November 13, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
Obviously this could change. Nothing is solidified. But based on conversations with White House sources, top Hill aides from both parties, and immigration-restrictionist power-brokers, we have concluded that, at the moment, progressive Democrats hold a superior negotiating position to immigration hardliner Republicans.
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Trump says he ordered U.S. to ‘step up our already Extreme Vetting Program’

November 1, 2017
Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
Trump wrote in a tweet, “I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!”
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Court Blocks Immediate Abortion for Undocumented Teen

October 21, 2017
Pete Williams | NBC News
A federal appeals court Friday refused to allow an immediate abortion for a 17-year-old who came to the U.S. illegally and is now in detention. But the court gave her more time to find a way to obtain one.
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Trump administration weighs tighter vetting for women, children refugees: sources

October 20, 2017
Yeganeh Torbati, Mica Rosenberg | Reuters
The Trump administration is considering tightening the vetting process for women and children seeking to enter the United States as refugees, a proposal that if adopted would bring security checks closer to those for adult men, three sources with knowledge of the plan told Reuters.
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Trump never had a good relationship with Latino voters. It’s only getting worse.

October 10, 2017
Ed O'Keefe, John Wagner | The Washington Post
When President Trump said a few weeks ago that he wanted to find a way to continue protecting young “dreamers” from deportation, some Republicans touted the possibility of a “Nixon goes to China” moment that could reset the president’s deeply frayed relationship with Latino voters.
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Leadership fears Trump staff undermining president on Dreamers

October 7, 2017
Franco Ordoñez | McClatchy
It's an urgent situation by Washington standards as Republican leaders seek out a quick solution before mid-term campaign season kicks into high gear. They do not want to be blamed for the program’s end and are scrambling for a solution before DACA protections start expiring on March 6 of next year.
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