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Selected Historical Web Sites

The following sites offer a wealth of primary source materials, historical background, and links to other relevant sites.

The African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)
This site offers books, periodicals, prints, photographs, music, films, and recorded sound that capture the voices of Americans during the "back-to-Africa" movement, abolitionist period, and the migration of African Americans to the West and North.

African American Perspectives
This site presents audio clips, excerpts of texts, and historical facts relating to pamphlets written by African American authors between 1818 and 1907.

American Slave Narratives
This collection of narratives of former slaves offers insights into life under slavery in the
19th century.

Archiving Early America
This site features material from 18th-century America, including original newspapers, maps, and writing, as well as Early American Review, a historical journal.

Excerpts from Slave Narratives
The University of Houston has compiled over forty slave narratives from the 17th century through the 20th century.

Exploring Amistad
The Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. offers over 350 primary documents that reveal the Amistad slave revolt and judicial case, with new information added regularly.

Famous Afro-Americans in the American Revolutionary War
This site contains primary sources, examples of student projects, papers, and essays by scholars.

Guide to African American Resources in North Carolina
This site provides annotated primary sources and information on research centers, museums, educational institutions, libraries, and archives in North Carolina and Virginia.

Historical Text Archive
This site contains a list of links from which you can access electronic texts, maps, photos, and documents.

The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano
Excerpts of Olaudah Equiano's narrative are included, as well as analytical questions. For further references and study questions, see This link also explores the writings of Benjamin Franklin, Samson Occom, and Phillis Wheatley.

This site links to information about the abolitionist John Brown.

The Modern English Collection at the University of Virginia
This collection displays excerpts from the works of African Americans, as well as the writings of Thomas Jefferson (including his correspondence to and from Benjamin Banneker).

North American Colonies
This site offers thematic chapters and primary sources about the colonial New World.

One for Each Thousand: A Portrait of Five Black Patriots
This site contains summaries of the accomplishments of black patriots.

Primary Source Documents from the Collections at the Library of Virginia
Primary sources dated from 1775 through 1825 present diverse perspectives of common people and early political leaders, such as accounts of Gabriel's rebellion in Virginia.

Profiles in Connecticut Black History
This features the story of Venture Smith and other early American historical figures of Connecticut.

Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture
This New York Public Library center offers primary sources, manuscripts, photographs, music, and other documents about African American history and culture.

Underground Railroad
This National Park Service site offers a tour of the historic places that played a role in helping slaves escape to freedom, as well as texts and an interactive study guide.

The United States Constitution
This site contains the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and a way to navigate the U.S. Constitution.

Please note: Web addresses and information contained in the Web sites may be subject to change.

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