Africans in America
America's Journey Through Slavery

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Africans in America 4-Part Gift Set

"A vital, valuable documentary"
- People

"The best and most easily digested lesson in slavery many viewers are likely to get."
- Newsweek

Everything you know about slavery is about to be challenged. Did you know only half of the over 20 million Africans kidnapped into slavery survived the torturous trip to the New World? That slaves were promised freedom to fight for Britain in the Revolutionary War? That many Europeans came to America as bonded labor? That a country founded on freedom justified the enslavement of human beings? Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery is the groundbreaking four-part series that makes history by sharing it from a new perspective.

Nearly ten years in the making, this landmark six-hour presentation exposes the truth through surprising revelations, dramatic recreations, rare archival photography and riveting first-person accounts. Africans in America helps define the reality of slavery's past through the insightful commentary of such authoritative Americans as General Colin Powell, author John Edgar Wideman and scholar Eric Foner. Narrated by Academy Award-nominee Angela Bassett (Waiting to Exhale), it offers unparalleled understanding -- from slavery's birth in the early 1600s through the violent onset of civil war in 1860.
6 hrs on 4 cassettes (90 mins. each), WG540 $59.95

Africans in America: Journey Through Slavery
Terrible Transformation
Examine the origins of one of the largest forced human migrations in recorded history. After the arrival of the first Africans in Virginia in 1619, the British colonies lay the groundwork for a system of racial slavery which generate profits that ensure the colonies' growth and survival.
90 mins. WG541 $19.95

While the American colonies challenge Britain for independence, American slavery is challenged from within, as men and women fight to define what America will be. When the War of Independence is won, black people, both enslaved and free, seize on the language of freedom, even as the new nation's Constitution codifies slavery and oppression as a national way of life.
90 mins. WG542 $19.95

Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love explores the first fifty years of the new nation. In Philadelphia, freedmen and fugitive slaves push the country to live up to the promises made in its Constitution. But with the invention of the cotton gin, slavery expands into America's western frontier, and a revolution in Haiti inspires slave rebellions throughout the southern United States.
90 mins. WG543 $19.95

Judgment Day
The nation expands westward; slavery becomes the most divisive issue in American life. Abolitionists struggle to bring the institution down, and the nation is tested as never before. As tensions over slavery erupt into violence, Americans are forced to consider how long the country can continue as a democracy built on the profits of bondage. 90 mins.
WG544 $19.95


Africans in America CD-ROM Africans in America CD-ROM
Would you like access to the extensive content of this site, without needing to be online? The CD-ROM version of the Africans in America Web site contains all the historical narratives, the images, documents, stories, biographies and commentaries in the Resources section, and the site's Teacher's Guide. Web browser software required.
WG665 $19.95

Africans in America CD-ROM and Video Set
6 hrs on 4 cassettes (90 mins. each) and CD-ROM
WG828, $69.95


Africans in America Soundtrack Africans in America Soundtrack -- Single CD
Songs featured in the original soundtrack, composed and compiled by singer, scholar and Sweet Honey in the Rock founder Bernice Johnson Reagon. The music is an integral presence in the viewing experience. With traditional material from Europe, Africa and the Americas alongside rich, original compositions by Reagon, the soundtrack is a powerful and emotional journey through time and place, featuring performances by Reagon, her daughter, musician Toshi Reagon, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Jerry O'Sullivan, James Weaver, among others.
Available on Rykodisc/GBH Records
CD: WG547   $15.95
Cassette: WG549   $10.95

Bernice Johnson Reagon

Africans in America Soundtrack - 3 CD Deluxe Box Set
This 3-CD set also includes a perfect-bound, 115-page booklet with original art and photography from the series and extensive liner notes by Bernice Johnson Reagon as well as an enhanced portion, featuring video and a slide show of additional artwork.
WG548 $34.95


Africans in America: Journey Through Slavery
Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery

"A triumph of historical research..."
- USA Today

A groundbreaking PBS tie-in that illuminates how Africans and Europeans built a nation, even as they bitterly struggled over what it meant to be free. A riveting narrative history of America, from the landing in Jamestown to the brink of the Civil War, Africans in America is our shared history seen through the lens of slavery.

This tightly woven and meticulously researched historical narrative unites original documents, first-hand accounts, Charles Johnson's short stories, and vivid, sometimes startling illustrations into one volume that illuminates our country's contradictory history and the effects of slavery and racism on conflicted national identity.

Authors: Charles Johnson, Patricia Smith and the WGBH Series Research Team
Published by Harcourt Brace & Company
WG554 Hardcover, 478 pages with illustrations, $30.00
WG1015 Softcover, 478 pages with illustrations, $14.00

A featured selection of the Literary Guild

"Africans in America is a magnificent achievement, history at its superb best, brilliantly researched, poetically written, brimming over with original documents that cannot help but move the reader. It is a perfect example of history as a work of art."
-- Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

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