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Thomas Davis on what is unique about America between 1750 and 1800
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Q: What is unique about America between 1750 and 1800?
Thomas Davis

A: As we look back we can see a divergence between African Americans and other Americans, not including Native Americans. What's happened over time through the colonial period is that we begin with a period where the differentiations are not that great, but over time they're going to grow larger. When the colonial period begins in the English colonies, the majority of the persons who arrive in the English colonies arrive in some form of bondage. By 1800, there's only one group of persons in bondage. At the beginning of the colonial period, bondage is not merely an issue of race, it's not merely identified by color. By 1800 it is only an issue or race and only an issue of color.
Thomas J. Davis
Professor of History
Arizona State University

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