Runaway ad for Jem


RAN away from the fubfcribers, the 2d day of July inftant, a Negro man flave, who calls himfelf by the feveral names of James, Gaul, Mingo, Mink, and Jem ; his real name is JEM; he is about 5 feet 6 inches high, thick fet, and not very black; he has a fear in his face, and is about 35 years old; he took with him two oznabrigs fhirts and trowfers, a broadcloth coat, a coating waiftcoat, a felt hat; and a violin. He is fuppofed to have gone off with a certain PATRICK JOHNSON, who was born in Ireland, about 5 feet 10 inches high, and 30 years old; he is thin in flefh, having been lately fick; had on, and took with him, one new check and two new oznabrigs fhirts and trowfers, a felt hat, narrow-brim'd, and bound with black ferreting, an old fuftian waiftcoat without fleeves, fine fhort brown hair, and is much addicted to ftrong liquors. They ftole, and took with them, a large brown Horfe, about 12 years old, near 15 hands high, very ftrong made, paces and trots, and is branded, either on the fhoulder or thigh, with fome letters not remembered. Whoever takes up the faid Negro and Horfe, and delivers them to the fubfcribers at Newark, in New-Jerfey, fhall be intitled to the above reward, and well paid for extra charges, or Eight Dollars for the Negro, and Four Dollars for the Horfe.
Newark, July 4, 1771      


American Antiquarian Society


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