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Flogging a Slave Fastened to the Ground

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Flogging a Slave Fastened to the Ground

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Long after slavery had been abolished in England, the Leeds Anti-slavery Series spoke out against slavery. In this issue, the English publication included an article about slavery in the United States entitled, "Slavery[,] A System of Inherent Cruelty." This illustration accompanies the article, which begins. . .

Thirty hundred thousand persons in the United States of America, men, women, and children, are in Slavery. Is slavery, as a condition for human beings, good, bad, or indifferent? We submit the question without argument. Your have common sense, and conscience, and a human heart -- pronounce upon it. You have a wife, or a husband, a child, a father, a mother a brother, or a sister -- make the case your own, make it theirs, and bring in your verdict. . . .

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