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On the Edge
That's My Theory
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Then + Now
A brief overview of this Web site that compares what we knew in 1900 to what we know today

That's My Theory
Meet some of the scientists who made twentieth century history on this made-for-the-Web game show

On the Edge
These comic-book style stories take you back through time and present scientists soon after they made their discoveries

You Try It
Cool activities, including Atom Builder, Probe the Brain, and Technology at Home (requires Shockwave plug-in)

People and Discoveries
A databank of biographies of scientists and descriptions of key events and discoveries

About the Television Series
Program descriptions, TV broadcast schedule, excerpts from the companion book

Resources for Educators
Educator's guide, and information about a science camp-in, a science demonstration, how to order a poster, and more

What's Happening in Your Area
Find out what Science Odyssey activities and events are happening near you

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