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Web Production Team
Senior Producer Ted Sicker
Senior Designer/Associate Producer Julia Whitney
Content Producer Rick Groleau
Programming, Content Development Peter Pinch
Project Coordinator, HTML Technologist Christina Ragazzi
Assistant Designer Brian Dellascio
Content Developer, People and Discoveries Sandy Kendall
Assistant Programmer Tim Roseborough
Business Manager Mary Mlodzinska
Outreach Project Director Julie Benyo

Content Advisors
Paul Ceruzzi, Curator, National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
Paul Chenard, M.D.
Dan Rokhsar
Anne Harrington, Professor for the History of Science, Harvard University
John Keller, M.D.
David Pilbeam, Professor in the Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
Argelis Roman, Environmental Educator/Specialist
Bill Carroll, Science Education Specialist

Educational Advisors
Javier Betancourt
Oakley Shields Hoerth
Sondra Madison
Elena Thomson
Patricia B. Campbell
Vincent Galasso
Dr. Edward C. Haynie
Thomas Smart

Music for Probe the Brain composed and performed by Tim Roseborough

Photo Credits

That's My Theory: Albert Einstein
Einstein, Albert: Corbis-Bettman
Bohr, Niels: The Neils Bohr Archive, Copenhagen
Newton, Isaac: Courtesy of the Archives, California Institute of Technology

That's My Theory: Sigmund Freud
Freud, Sigmund: Sigmund Freud Museum
Maslow, Abraham H.: Ann Kaplan/Corbis-Bettman
Skinner, B.F.: BF Skinner Foundation

That's My Theory: ENIAC
ENIAC: University of Pennsylvania
Univac: Hagley Museum and Library

You Try It: Human Evolution
Lucy: Institute of Human Origins
Feet diagram: Ian Tattersall
Laetoli Footprints: Photo Researchers, Inc.
Taung Child Skull:

You Try It: Radio Transmission
Marconi, Guglielmo: Corbis-Bettman
KDKA building: Corbis-Bettman

You Try It: Probe the Brain
Brain diagram: John Postlethwait
Exposed brain: Princeton University Press

On the Edge: Jocelyn Bell
Pulsar Animation: Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie

Then & Now:
Human Behavior/Then: Girl in asylum: Countway Library
Human Behavior/Now: MRI brain scan: SPL/Photo Researchers
Medicine/Then: Dr. Mann: Buffalo General Hospital Archives
Medicine/Now: 2 doctors: Mark Peterson/SABA.
Origins/Then: San Francisco Earthquake: Monaco Labs
Origins/Now: Tectonics plates map: David Hardy/ Science Photo Library
Physics/Then: Astonomer & telescope: Brown Brothers
Physics/Now: Milky Way: NASA
Tech/Then: Telegraph wires: New York Historical Society
Tech/Now: Satellite: Dennis O'Reilly/WGBH

Earth & Life Sciences

Alvarez, Luis & Walter: Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory
Crick, Francis Harry Compton and Watson: Archive Photos
Hess, Harry Hammond: Princeton University
Matthews, Drummond Hoyle: Godfrey Argent Limited
Wegener, Alfred: Wegener Institute

1953 DNA model: Archive Photo
1953 Amino acids created in laboratory: Corbis-Bettman
1953 Tectonics plates map: David Hardy/ Science Photo Library
1959 Leakey's discoveries/skull:
1962 Hess proposes sea-floor spreading: Princeton University
1974 Lucy: Institute of Human Origins
1980 Painting of imaginary crater Walters Editor

Medicine & Health

Banting, Frederick: Corbis-Bettman
Best, Charles: Canadian Diabetes Association
Chain, Ernst: Corbis-Bettman
Fleming, Alexander: Hulton Getty
Goldberger, Joseph: JH Goldberger M.D.
Salk, Jonas: UPI/ Corbis-Bettman

1900 Rat Recieving Station: City Archive of Philadelphia
1915 Archives Man with Pellagra: National Archives
1922 Banting and Best lab: Connaught Laboratories
1928 Bacteria dish w/ Penicillin mold: Corbis-Bettman
1952 Salk produces polio vaccine: Corbis-Bettman
1962 Herrick Twins: Brigham & Women's Hospital
1979 WHO declares smallpox eradicated: AP Wide World Photos
1981 AIDS officially recognized: Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Physics & Astronomy

Bell, Susan Jocelyn: Jonathan Blair/National Geographic Image Collection
Bohr, Niels: The Neils Bohr Archive, Copenhagen
Einstein, Albert: Corbis-Bettman
Gell-Mann, Murray: courtesy of AIP Emilio Segre Visual Archives
Heisenberg, Werner Karl: Corbis-Bettman
Hubble, Edwin Powell: OCIW
Leavitt, Henrietta Swan: Harvard College Observatory
Oppenheimer, J.Robert: LANL
Planck, Max: Archive Photos
Rutherford, Ernest: Cavendish
Schrodinger, Erwin: Zentralbibiliotek
Weinberg, Steven: courtesy of AIP Emilio Segre Visual Archives

1913 Bohr's research notes: The Neils Bohr Archive, Copenhagen
1924 Hubble's Var! photo: OCIW
1931 Cyclostron: Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California
1942 Enrico Fermi: Photo by Börtzells Esselte, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual
1945 Atomic bomb: AP Wide World Photos


Carothers, Wallace: Hagley Museum and Library
Ford, Henry: From the collections of the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
Forrester, Jay Wright: MITRE
Marconi, Guglielmo: Corbis-Bettman
Wright, Wilbur and Orville: Wright State University

1903 Wright brothers: Wright State University
1913 Assembly line: Corbis-Bettman
1920 KDKA: Corbis-Bettman
1935 Carothers invents nylon: Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers, Inc.
1945 ENIAC: University of Pennsylvania
1969 Humans land on the Moon: NASA

Human Behavior

Charcot, Jean-Martin: Jean Loupe Charmet
Davenport, Charles: Archives of the History of American Psychology/ University of Akron
Freud, Sigmund: Sigmund Freud Museum
Harlow, Harry: Harlow Primate Lab
Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich: Archives of the History of American Psychology/ University of Akron
Penfield, Wilder: Montreal Neurological Institute
Skinner, B.F.: Julie Vargas/B.F. Skinner Foundation
Watson, John Broadus: Corbis-Bettman

1905 Binet: Archives of the History of American Psychology/ University of Akron
1923 Eugenics movement peaks/ Fitter Family: American Philosophical Society
1952 Piaget, Jean: Corbis-Bettman

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