A Science Odyssey
People and Discoveries
What's the story behind electroshock therapy? Who's responsible for increasing the size of the Universe? What laboratory mishap led to the saving of countless lives? The answers to these questions, plus many more, await you in People and Discoveries, a databank consisting of 120 entries about 20th century scientists and their stories.
photo collage of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, close-up of AIDs virus, and the Wright brothers' first flight

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from Luis Alvarez to the Wright brothers, the men and women
responsible for the 20th century's greatest science achievements
significant stories from a remarkable century of discovery

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Medicine and Health
on the forefront of 20th-century medicine
Physics and Astronomy
relating to the atom, the astronomical, and the abstract
Human Behavior
what we've learned about the mind over the past 100 years
inventions and inventors from the wireless to the World Wide Web
Earth and Life Sciences
with a focus on DNA, plate tectonics, and human origins

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