A Science Odyssey 3 Guests wearing a Sigmund Freud mask.  Spotlight on Guest 1.

Tell us about your education.

As a boy, I loved to make things. I made sleds and rafts, seesaws, slides, and merry-go-rounds. I made sling shots, bows and arrows, water guns, and even a steam cannon that could shoot carrots great distances. I made rubber-band powered airplanes, kites, and even tried to make a glider that I could fly in.

My first twelve years of schooling took place in a small brick building in a small town in Pennsylvania. I was salutatorian of my graduating class. Maybe not such a remarkable feat, considering that there were only eight of us.

From there I went on to Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. I was fascinated by the ideas of Ivan Pavlov and John Watson. I went on to Harvard, where I earned a Ph.D. in psychology.

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