A Science Odyssey Title 'A Science Odyssey: 100 Years of Discovery' Title

by Charles Flowers
Foreword by Charles Osgood, with an Introduction by Charles Kuralt

Companion Book Title

The companion book to the series -- A Science Odyssey: 100 Years of Discovery by Charles Flowers -- will be available in hardcover from William Morrow and Company, Inc. With a foreword by Charles Osgood and an introduction by Charles Kuralt, the book is an exciting introduction to science and the history of ideas, colorfully and accessibly exploring the wonders of technology, astronomy, earth sciences, physics, biochemistry, medicine, human behavior and paleoanthropology. Filled with the stories, personalities, and astonishing discoveries that continually redefine scientific frontiers, the companion book is an essential guide to what we know, what it means to our lives, and what we are likely to learn next.

A Science Odyssey : 100 Years of Discovery will be published in January 1998, to coincide with the broadcast premiere of the series.

336 pages; 150 photographs. Retail price: $30.00

To order: Consumers/Educators: 1-800-255-9424 Stations/Wholesale: Special Sales Department at William Morrow -- 212-261-6713/Todd Rosenberg for pricing information. (The book will also be available in libraries and bookstores nationwide.)

Foreword by Charles Osgood

Introduction by Charles Kuralt

Excerpt from Chapter One, "Mysteries of the Universe"

Publisher Press Release

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