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Welcome to the Science Odyssey Educator's Guide on line! This guide offers activities, discussion questions, and information to help you use A Science Odyssey in your classroom -- whether you teach biology, chemistry, social studies, physics, or English! This guide spans many disciplines and offers a range of approaches to the material.

For each episode in the Science Odyssey series, this guide provides a program summary, a detailed list of program contents, three ideas for activities, and one in-depth investigation related to the show's topic.

Outcomes and expectations are provided for all in-depth investigations, and where appropriate, for activities. They offer background information to help guide the investigation and assess student performance, and provide notes about possible results you can expect.

A resource list supplies information on books, Web sites, and other videos related to the programs or activities.

Medicine Title Premieres January 11, 1998
Remarkable breakthroughs in surgery, drugs, and medical technology raise ethical questions and change our assumptions about life and death.
Physics and Astronomy Title Premieres January 12, 1998
Twin revolutions in physics and astronomy transform our perceptions of the universe.
Human Behavior Title Premieres January 13, 1998
The puzzle of how and why we behave as we do has always intrigued us -- and it remains one of our greatest scientific challenges.
Technology Title Premieres January 14, 1998
New technologies such as the automobile, synthetic materials, and the computer, change the way we live, work, and think about the world.
Earth and Life Sciences Title Premieres January 15, 1998
The discoveries of geologists, biochemists, paleoanthropologists, and others help explain the origins of our planet and of our own species.

* Check your TV listings, or call your local public television station, to confirm broadcast dates and times.

Programs can be videotaped and used for three years after broadcast!

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