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Paralyzing Polio

What does your body produce when a new virus or bacteria enters it?


Little Green Men

Jocelyn Bell detected two strange signals in space that seemed to pulse on and off like a flashing light. Find out how fast the second signal pulsed. How many times would this signal pulse in nine seconds?


Probe The Brain

Blink your eyes, throw a ball, blow a bubble -- what part of your brain controls body movements like these?


Atom Builder

A neutron contains___up quark(s) and ___down quark(s).


Technology at Home

You dial up your friend to make plans for the weekend. Early in the century your phone might have looked like this:

Later, you might have talked on this:

Find out when each first appears. How many years are there between these two?


Special Guest: ENIAC

Which printer is connected to the ENIAC computer?


Why did the dinosaurs mysteriously die out 65 million years ago? Luis Alvarez and his son, Walter, might have an answer. What rare element did they discover in rock and use as evidence for their theory ?

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