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3 video set
Encourage youth to explore core themes in 20th-century science and technology with a set of six, 10-minute "short trips" and a 24-page activity guide based on the exciting PBS series A Science Odyssey. These videos are ideal for community organizations and schools serving 10 to 15-year-olds. Produced by the Educational Programming Department, Special Telecommunications Service, WGBH Educational Foundation, 1998. (Each video 20+ minutes). Available after the series premieres from PBS Video for $39.95. Call (800) 424-7963 to order.

Video 1
"The Mismeasure of Me"
All of us -- and kids perhaps more than any others -- feel judged by measures invented by others (standardized tests, stereotyping, the environment, and biology). Are they scientific or subjective? Explore how these measures impact who we become as individuals.

"The Real Dirt on Discovery"
None of us has been unaffected by Alexander Fleming and his famous dirty petri dish. With middle schoolers observing and questioning, this video explores the process and results of the amazing discovery of penicillin.

Video 2
"Technologies R Us"
Learn about the developmental and societal effects of the car and the Internet, with a special portrait of one high schooler caught in cyberspace censorship.

"Blips, Black Holes, and the Nobel Prize"
Is there life somewhere out there in the universe? See what noted astronomer Jocelyn Bell discovered -- and what she inspired others to discover when she felt there was no other answer to an astronomical phenomenon she observed.

Video 3
"I Feel the Earth Move . . ."
What is the theory of plate tectonics? For one thing, it is a way to explain catastrophic events like volcanoes and earthquakes. See how today's thinking on this theory evolved.

"Is Reality Relative?"
Why is relativity important to us and was there a mystery to Einstein's genius? Explore Einstein's two cornerstone theories -- general and special relativity -- in understandable terms, using historical and contemporary images.

"Activity Guide"
The Science Odyssey Short Trips Activity Guide encourages kids to do what they love -- ask questions. It's a "how-to" for getting kids involved and discussing topics about science, society . . . and themselves. For each video, discussion questions and an activity are provided, ideal for use in small groups or even a classroom. How does sonar work? What strange signals are in our neighborhood? Kids explore ideas and the world around them in light of the science of a century.

"A Science Odyssey ... Short Trips" (six ten-minute educational videos and activity guide) can be purchased from PBS Video, 1-800-424-7963.

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