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Feel free to contact these organizations about their plans for A Science Odyssey.

Harmon Science Center
PO Box 52568
Tulsa, OK 74152-0568
Contact: Mr. George Hangs, Jr.

Phone: (918) 743-6191
Email: harmonsci@aol.com

In January join the folks at the Harmon Science Center for "Talk to Me--Communication Discoveries." Visitors will see clips from the "Bigger, Better, Faster" show, send messages using Morse code, talk with people around the country on short wave radios, learn about military communcation codes and night writing, and hear about the history of telephones.

In January visit the Center for a "Textile Odyssey--From Sheep to Space." Visitors will see a presentation on the history of textiles--everything from spinning cotton to modern-day space suits. Watch guest weavers demonstrating the art of spinning and weaving, and see samples of the newest advancements in fibers.

On January 23, 1998, two hundred campers from the area will participate in the national Science Odyssey Camp-In.

Tulsa City-County Library
400 Civic Center
Tulsa, OK 74103
Contact: Ms. Kelly Jennings
Children's Coordinator

Phone: (918) 596-7970
Email: kjennin@tccl.lib.ok.us

On February 7, 1998, visit the Tulsa City-County Library Central Library for an action-packed science odyssey. Visitors will be able to hear Boeing engineers describe how aircraft and spacecraft fly, build their own aircraft (out of paper) and fly it in a contest, journey through science on the Internet, learn about cancellation and sales of science and technology stamps from the U.S. Postal Service, and see demonstratons about chemistry from the folks at University of Tulsa. And the fun doesn't stop there. Let your odyssey continue at the Tulsa City-County library where our motto is Expand Your Universe. Explore New Worlds.

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