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  Letters from Our Funders

National Science Foundation
American Society of Civil Engineers

Logo: National Science Foundation
Dear Educator,

The National Science Foundation is proud to be a major supporter of Building Big, the exciting new television series celebrating the built environment and the people behind it. Very few of us who are not engineers understand the vital role that civil engineering plays in our world today. Bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, domes, dams, and other structures–the visible products of the science of civil engineering–have changed the way we interact with our environment. These structures are daily reminders of the importance of science and mathematics in making our lives safer and more comfortable.

The Building Big television series and its exceptional outreach materials (including this guide) invite audiences to experience the challenges and excitement of building on a large scale. It is my hope that children and their families will view civil engineering with a new understanding and affection as a result of this series and the materials that accompany it.

The National Science Foundation is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of science for everyone, and to encouraging young people to pursue careers in science. Building Big is a fine addition to our efforts toward those goals. I welcome you to the construction crew and hope that you enjoy the adventure.
Signature/ Hyman Fields
Hyman Field
Senior Advisor for Public Understanding of Research
National Science Foundation

Logo: Siemens
Being a sponsor of Building Big is a natural fit for Siemens. As a global player in the electronics and electrical engineering markets, our company is involved in many of the world's largest building projects. In addition, we have a history as a strong supporter of education. Our commitment to education is demonstrated through many initiatives, including the establishment of the Siemens Foundation and a variety of successful school-to-work and apprenticeship programs in the United States.

The Siemens Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarships and access to higher education for gifted science, math, and technology students across the country. The foundation's programs include the Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology Competition and the Siemens Awards for Advanced Placement. Both of these programs are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding today's outstanding student talent, as well as the teachers and schools that encourage them. (Teachers interested in learning more about these scholarship programs should visit the foundation's Web site at The foundation embodies Siemens' contributions to education and research and a 150-year history of encouraging and supporting young talent. These efforts help ensure tomorrow's pool of highly trained, highly skilled scientists and engineers who will be ready to meet the competitive demands of a global economy.

Siemens and its family of companies in the United States are proud to sponsor Building Big, which we're sure you and your students will find exciting, inspiring,and enriching. 
Signature/ Gerhard Schulmeyer
Gerhard Schulmeyer
President and CEO
Siemens Corporation

Logo: American Society of Civil Engineers
Dear Educator,

Soaring skyscrapers...massive dams...bridges that reach the horizon... Who dreams these thrilling and wondrous things and then makes them real?

The 123,000 civil engineers who together make up the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Most civil engineers discovered our passion for engineering as kids. Our fascination with incredible feats of engineering sparked an interest in understanding the scientific principles that make them possible, and it was teachers who nurtured our interest in math and science.

ASCE is delighted to help share the excitement of engineering through our sponsorship of Building Big and eager to join educators in inspiring young people to use science and creativity to help build a better world.
Signature of James E. Davis, ASCE
James E. Davis, P.E., F.ASCE
Executive Director and CEO
American Society of Civil Engineers