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Image of Susan Knack
Susan Knack,
Civil Engineer

Susan Knack rappels down buildings!

"Basically, we harness ourselves to two ropes, scale down the side of a building, and examine its construction for various problems or conditions. The ropes give us access to spots on a building that conventional means just can't get to." (Read the interview)

Image of Miguel Rosales
Miguel Rosales,

Miguel Rosales designs beautiful bridges!

"I'm very interested in how a bridge fits in its context.... It should reflect what is there, and it should relate to something that is part of the landscape, of the architecture, or some other feature that makes it fit." (Read the interview)

Image of Tom O'Rourke
Tom O'Rourke,
Professor of Geotechnical Engineering

Tom O'Rourke analyzes earth-shattering events!

"If you are able to preserve the water supply of San Francisco during an earthquake so that buildings don't burn, that's a significant achievement." (Read the interview)

Image of Tiffany Ann Clute
Tiffany Ann Clute,
Electrical Engineer

Tiffany Ann Clute lights up Seattle!

"I like to mentally manipulate ideas and possibilities in my head, then watch as they evolve into a real building that will remain part of our skyline for a long time. What a sense of accomplishment! " (Read the interview)

Image of Matthys Levy
Matthys Levy,
Structural Engineer

Matthys Levy designs sports arenas, museums, and planetariums!

"I love to create designs and have them so well detailed that when I go out and see them in real life, they look exactly the way I imagined they would. That's very exciting." (Read the interview)

Image of David Nyarko
David Nyarko,
Mechanical Engineer

David Nyarko makes bridges move!

"On what we call vertical-lift bridges, where the middle of it lifts up like an elevator, the machinery is actually located on top of the towers ... so you need to go in there sometimes. You're just climbing around and making sure you don't fall in the river ..."
(Read the interview)

Image of Patricia Frayre
Patricia Frayre,
Graduate Civil Engineer

Patricia Frayre builds structures from the ground up!

"The most fun thing about my job is seeing something you've designed being constructed or people using the facilities after construction. Seeing ... something on site that gets torn down and replaced with new construction is a very satisfying part of this job." (Read the interview)

Image of Miles Moffatt
Miles Moffatt,
Environmental Engineer

Miles Moffatt protects New York's water!

"It's a great feeling to know that you're contributing to the health of the community and the environment." (Read the interview)

Image of Diana Nishi
Diana Nishi,
Structural Engineer

Diana Nishi keeps California's buildings from falling down!

"Whether you're structural or electrical or civil or whatever, it's just solving problems, in whatever field it may be. And in my case, it's building buildings. I'm just solving all the problems of how to build buildings." (Read the interview)

Image of Andrew Straz
Andrew Straz,
Civil Engineer

Andrew Straz knocks down dangerous dams!

"As a young kid, I enjoyed playing with trucks and playing in the dirt. I was always interested in how things were built and how to take things apart..." (Read the interview)

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