About Caring for Your Parents

About the Web Site

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The Caring for Your Parents Web site contains a wealth of online resources for people caring for aging parents, other relations, or friends. The site is also valuable for those who expect to become caregivers—or are planning for their own future as they age. Here you can find:

Caregiver's Resources: An online handbook that provides information and advice on a wide range of topics, including Finances, Health Care, and Caring for the Caregiver.

Watch Video: Watch the complete documentary Caring for Your Parents and the follow-up discussion, A Conversation About Caring.

Outreach & Partners: Download a printable (PDF) version of The Caregiver’s Handbook as well as helpful checklists and questionnaires. Learn how to create a local caregivers’ guide or event, and learn about Caring for Your Parents partners.

Interviews: Transcript interviews with two doctors featured in the film: family practice physician Dr. Michael Fine and geriatric physician Dr. John B. Murphy.

About the Film

As the population ages, many adult children are grappling with an unprecedented social, cultural, economic, and personal revolution as they transition into the primary caregiver role for their aging parents. Produced, written, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Kirk, Caring for Your Parents is a moving two-hour special that draws much-needed attention to this universal reality.

The first 90 minutes of Caring for Your Parents underscores today's struggle to keep parents at home, tensions between siblings, and the complexity of shifting caregiver roles through an intimate look at five American families. In the end, the documentary contends successful caregiving requires one primary ingredient—love.

A Conversation About Caring. follows the documentary. This half-hour panel discussion, hosted by medical correspondent Dr. Art Ulene, offers concrete advice and guidance on how to start the conversation‒often the most difficult step in caregiving.

Caring for Your Parents is a Kirk Documentary Group, Ltd. Production for WGBH Boston. The executive producer is Laurie Donnelly. Major funding is provided by Harrah's Foundation. Additional funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.