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Commanding Heights
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  During the three weeks that Commanding Heights airs (May 15th thru June 19th, 2003), you can discuss and debate contemporary economic issues here with fellow visitors to the site. Add your thoughts to discussions already under way or start your own.

Check out a selection of Editors Picks from previous contributions to these discussions.

Several topics listed below also match themes discussed by persons interviewed for the program. Their related thoughts have been collected in Up for Debate, which can be found in Ideas.

These discussion boards are part of PBS Online's Multicity environment. To join a discussion you will need to register with Multicity. If you've already contributed to any message board within PBS Online, you're already registered. Just enter your password as you go in.

If you haven't yet registered, clicking on any topic will automatically route you to a registration form. Whatever you contribute to Discuss will be public information and may be selected for inclusion in Editor's Picks. If you wish to communicate with the site's producers privately or have technical questions, go to Resources.

Discuss Topics

  The Battle of Ideas



India's Experience with Planning

Privatization and Thatcher's Legacy

Privatization: Who Wins? Russia's Reform Compromise

Reform Without Liberty: Chile's Ambiguous Legacy

Dependencia and Protectionism in Hindsight

Shock Therapy

Free Flows of Capital


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